Are nagging, intrusive thoughts about things that may go wrong making you feel uncomfortable, unsettled and unable to enjoy the present? Maybe that one small worry, “can I make a good impression on the new boss“ is causing a flood of apprehension, self-doubt and self-criticism, making it difficult for you to feel confident and capable in most areas of your life. Perhaps you believe you lack the strength and resources to successfully navigate challenges, particularly when you consider worst case scenarios. Do you feel out of place in social or professional situations and mentally berate yourself for saying or doing the wrong thing? Are you avoiding activities or experiences you once enjoyed as these stressors become increasingly intolerable? Are you tired of letting anxiety limit your ability to pursue your goals, engage in the world and live more fully?


Anxiety can create a bleak, even scary, version of the future, and many anxious people anticipate everything can go wrong rather than look forward to all life has to offer. Perhaps, from the moment you wake up, you feel exhausted from a restless night and stressed about the responsibilities and expectations that lie ahead. You may struggle to stay organised and on task. You may also procrastinate because part of you doesn’t trust yourself to do things right. In an attempt to maintain a sense of control, you might make and remake to-do lists, dedicating more time and energy to planning your next step than fulfilling the task at hand. You may feel caught up in a never-ending cycle of dread, hyperactivity, and panic and wonder how you can find relief.


Do you wish you could break free from nagging, repetitive thinking; feel empowered to move forward in alignment with your values; and live the rich, engaging life you want? We will work collaboratively to help you understand your condition, based on your unique situation and circumstances. Since anxiety affects each person differently, together we can help you understand your anxiety condition as it pertains to you specifically.

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