Do you feel detached, despondent or defenceless in your relationship? Would you like to return to the physical, emotional or spiritual intimacy you once shared with your partner? Do you feel like you are stuck in a pattern of negative interactions, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape? Are you concerned that your relationship is failing, and you cannot find a way to effectively communicate and together heal the past or current hurts? It may feel as if you have to be very careful how you behave around your partner for fear of making him/her angry. Perhaps your attempts to connect with your partner have failed, and you feel like you aren’t a priority, or your opinions don’t matter. Has the tension or distance in your relationship left you feeling sad and discouraged?

The goal of relationship counselling is to help you and your partner improve your communication skills and gain self-confidence and awareness to help you both to grow and heal as a couple. I provide an empathetic and safe space where as a couple you can explore sources of relationship conflict and learn to listen to each other with understanding. You can realise how emotions taint the way you each feel and behave in different situations and learn how to effectively respond to each other’s spoken or unspoken needs. When you and your partner come together to address the root cause of disconnection in your relationship, rather than concentrate on surface issues, you can heal and find meaningful and lasting change.