Are you struggling under the weight of sadness that seems to grow heavier and heavier, no matter what you do? Do you feel as though you are letting others down or living a life devoid of meaning? Perhaps you know what brought on this wave of sadness, but you don’t know how to process the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, recent medical diagnosis, or another sorrow that has altered your sense of self. Or, maybe you have been feeling low for a long time, without knowing why. Does it sometimes seem as though ongoing life challenges are proof that you deserve to be in misery, or that this is just the way life is? Do you wish to find freedom from the dark fog of depression, feel more alive in all aspects of your life, and move forward into a fulfilling, connected future?


Depression counselling is a safe supportive place for you to express your emotions and feel truly heard, understood and accepted. Together, in collaborative and compassionate therapy sessions, we can help you develop mindfulness skills that will help you interrupt the cycle of depressive thoughts keeping you stuck. By cultivating a deeper sense of connection to yourself, and by learning how to bring a sense of self empathy and understanding of your own emotions, you can create a radical shift in your relationship to suffering. Depression counselling can help you identify the source of your pain and make positive choices that lead to lasting healing.

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